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John Woods

John Woods -

John Woods is president and founder of CWL. John started in publishing in 1970, working for Harper & Row’s college division as a college traveler and later acquisitions editor. He has also served as a acquisitions editor for Holt, Rinehart, & Winston and John Wiley & Sons. He is the co-author of a college textbook on supervisory management, served as co-editor of The Quality Yearbook (McGraw-Hill) for ten years as well as The ASTD Training and Development Yearbook, and The Knowledge Management Yearbook. He is co-author of QualiTrends (McGraw-Hill) and the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia or Quality Terms & Concepts and author of The 10-Minute Guide to Teams and Teamwork (Alpha Books).

He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and served in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. He is married to Nancy Woods, and the father of Chris, Wendy, and Lindsay, from which the letters CWL come.


Andrew Welyczko

Andrew Welyczko -

Andrew Welyczko is Production Manager for CWL. In 1993, Andrew joined the staff of The Onion, at the time a little-known humor "rag" with a full-time staff of about 10. As the publication and the company grew, Andrew was named Production Director and became part of a management core that, over the course of a 15 year career, turned a college newspaper into the most successful satire brand in the world. He created the unique content, graphic design, and production processes required to publish 10 editions of The Onion Newspaper across the U.S. and along with his staff of design professionals was responsible for the production of over 500,000 newspapers weekly at its peak. Andrew was co-lead designer of The Onion's first book, Our Dumb Century, and lead the design and production of seven more Onion Inc.-authored New York Times best-sellers, including the Ad Nauseam series. This is in addition to numerous book-focused freelance projects, including commissioned designs, and production consulting for self-published authors.

Andrew graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and is an accomplished nature photographer.

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